Anette-Johanna Park

I am a psychologist completing my Master’s degree. I’ve completed various training programs to ensure I am up to date on my knowledge. For me, the most important thing when choosing a psychologist is seeing how you feel with them.

The most interesting information about me is that I’ve worked in Vanemuine theatre for 5 years, I have 15 years of musical education and I have lived as well as studied in Portugal.

I often have my furry friends – Paula and Nala – with me if the client consents. They are my dog and cat, both extremely calm and friendly, helping me establish a connection. Paula the dog has been coming with me to school from high school to university. She has over a year of experience working with people. Nala is just starting out.

I’ve worked as a psychologist for 2 years now. I have worked in Tartu Crisis and Counselling Centre and two schools in Tartu county. I actively participate in individual supervision.

  • 2005-2014 Valga Gymnasium
  • 2014-2017 Miina Härma High School
  • 2017-2021 University of Tartu (BA psychology)
  • 2019-2019 Instituto Superior Miguel Torga, Portugal (BA psychology)
  • 2021-…….. Tallinn University and University of Tartu (MA psychology)

  • 2017 How to hug a dragon aka working with troubled teens (trainer Marek Vnuk)
  • 2017 What’s happening in the hero’s head? (Peaasi)
  • 2021 Introduction to family therapy (Kiira Järve Family Therapy Training Centre, 100h)
  • 2022 Working with Sexual Problems (trainer Helen Kruusi)
  • 2022 Training day: About Traumas (trainers Mart Juursoo and Triinu Niiberg-Pikksööt)
  • 2022 Qb Test user training (trainer Aicha Moussaoui)
  • 2022 Jealousy in relationships (trainer Moonika Kukke-Tiimann)