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Quality psychological care – Tundekoda helps you with troubles and self-development.

Psychologist Anette-Johanna Park

Tundekoda or The Feeling Cottage is a company created to provide safety, warmth and cooperation in quality psychological care.

My life and doings have led me to people and their relationships. There is nothing surprising about this since I’ve always been a curious and open soul.

I offer psychological services to people in English and Estonian for people upwards of 6 years of age.


Individual appointment

As part of the individual psychologist’s appointment, I will meet you one-on-one and work on the topic most important to you.

Child psychologist (6-11yo)

During an appointment with a child, it is important for me to map the wants and needs of both the child and the parent.


I offer seminars on attention deficit/ hyperactivity, boundary setting, youth risk behaviour and improvement of social skills.

1. Gather information

Get to know the services offered and pick on that is suitable to you

2. Get in touch

Contact me through the form on the contact page or write me at tundekoda@gmail.com

3. Let’s meet and talk!

Let’s set an appointment and start the work!

A happier life is possible!