Psychological counselling & Psychologist services

Individual appointment

As part of an individual psychologist appointment, I will meet with you one-on-one and we will work on the most important topics for you. Together, we set the goal and expectations of the process and gradually start working with them.

Youth counselling (12-17yo)

Working with young people, I focus more on creating a free and safe atmosphere. It is also important, with the help of parents, to set the limits of confidentiality during our first meeting, i.e. if and how much information I will share with the parent. In the course of further work, I will focus primarily on topics important to the young person and help you with what is important for you.

Child psychologist appointment (6-11yo)

When working with children, it is important to map both the child's and the parent's vision. I often involve a parent's help in the process, and the work is mostly done creatively. Creative work includes learning to name and regulate feelings through play, talking about difficult things through art, and learning calming techniques through movement.

Addiction counselling (with Hasartmängusõltuvuse Nõustamiskeskus’ referral)

I offer addiction counselling for those with a referral. Once I have your referral, we can meet 3-10 times. During this process we start with mapping your current situations and problem areas and turn our attention towards the addiction and a life without it.

Online appointment

If you wish to meet from, well, anywhere, this option is for you. You can get the best possible psychological care through online appointments, which might set some restrictions to our work but then again we can even meet if one of us is in New Zealand.

Crisis counselling
(appointment within 48h)

If something unexpected has happened and you need help quickly, then get in touch and let’s find an appointment ASAP. Whether it’s the death of a pet or loved one, difficult illness, sudden change in a child's behaviour or beginning of risk behaviour, suicidality assessment and forming a treatment plan, changes in you emotional well-being, trauma, or prevention of a worrisome behaviour, I am here to help.


I offer trainings on the topics of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, setting boundaries, risk behavior of young people and developing communication skills. If you want to invite me to train on another topic, get in touch and we'll find a solution!

Compiling a summary or assessment

If you need to provide an overview of your mental health in order to assess work capacity, apply for disability or present a psychological profile to another specialist, I can help you with this. As part of the summary, I reflect on the work we have done so far and the topics covered, and it is up to 1 page long. As part of the assessment, I do not talk about the work done, but offer a comprehensive overview of the psychological profile that occurred during the sessions, describing the client's disposition, coherence and noticed shortcomings/strengths.

The questions that may arise

If you don’t have the means to pay for the service yourself, reach out to me. I deeply believe that psychological help should be accessible to all people in need of it and we can figure out the solution together.

You can pay with cash on the spot, transfer money or receive a bill. When paying the bill or transferring money, timely payment guarantees the session.

Life is full of twists and turns. When necessary, please cancel the session by 14:00 the working day prior to our meeting. After that, the late cancellation or no-show fee are equal to the session’s price and are to be paid in entirety. When registering for a session you agree to these terms.

We will meet at Vaksali 17a-202. The most convenient way to get here is to enter through the door which has the cafe sign above it. From there come to the second floor and room 202 awaits. 

Information shared during counselling is confidential and regulated by law. According to the law, there are 2-3 exceptions, depending on the situation, and they are for the protection of the person themself and others. Exceptions are as follows:

  • If you are a danger to yourself or others. In such a case, I assess the risk level  and am obliged to inform someone about it if necessary. At this point, it is also important to distinguish whether they are thoughts or plans. In the case of thoughts, it is not defined as a threat, but in the case of a plan, it is.
  • Felony of the first degree. A crime of the first degree harms the life and health of the Estonian population, the exercise of Estonian state power and defence capability or the environment. Psychologists are obliged to inform relevant persons about them.
  • Relating to a child. I am obliged to share everything related to the child with the parent, but at the first meeting we set the boundaries here and agree on whether and how much it is necessary.

Everything else we say stays between us and no one else hears it.

You can do this if you want to. At the first meeting, I generally ask the person about the goal of our work (what they  want to achieve) and what their expectations are of me. If you know why you set an appointment  and what your goal is  with the work, you have already done everything necessary.


During our first meeting, we get to know each other. The most important thing during this session  is that you feel comfortable. Since everything starts with cooperation and mutual compatibility, I recommend thinking “is this the psychologist for me?”. If the answer is yes and it seems that we are compatible, I will introduce myself to you a little, find out about you as a person and the reason for you setting the appointment. The substantive work begins in the following meetings, so the purpose of the first meeting is to see if we are compatible.

A happier life is possible!